Teaching Philosophy

My teaching role implies to enable a successful training of chemistry students as main and secondary subject. In addition to providing basic knowledge, which is the basis of all scientific work, I consider it particularly important to arouse the interest of the students in the subject area even in an introductory lecture. In addition to imparting knowledge, it is a special concern to actively promote the understanding and classification of the learned content. This personal concern is put into practice by establishing a direct connection between basic knowledge about the chemistry with everyday life or current research. In direct dialogue with the students, I want to promote my own creative thinking and critical questioning of knowledge. In my opinion, students in science should be prepared for independent scientific work as early as possible. For realizing this, I would like to give first well-measured impulses already for undergraduate students. While I feel confident in teaching organic chemistry in its entirety in basic courses, I will focus on macromolecular chemistry and polymeric materials, biopolymers and nanomedicine in advanced lectures. Here, the syntheses and material chemistry of polymers as microscopic and macroscopic materials are combined with characterization methods. Furthermore, connections between materials science, pharmacy, biology and medicine are established.

Lectures and Laboratory Training Courses WS 2017/2018

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Einführung in die Makromolekulare Chemie; Teil 1: Herst. von Polymeren (Do, 17. Okt. 2019 [12:00] - Do, 6. Feb. 2020 [14:00], C 02)


Übungen (22.10.19, 05.11.19, 19.11.19, 03.12.19, 17.12.19; 10:15-11:00; C05):


Makroübung 2 WiSe 19-20

Makroübung 3 WiSe1920

Makroübung 4 WS19_20

5. Makro-OC-Übung WS19_20



Laboratory Training Course


Praktikum Makromolekulare Chemie Teil 1(OC Teil)


Wahlpflichtmodul in Makromolekularer Chemie 1: Forschungs-nahe Polymersynthese


Wahlpflichtmodul in Makromolekularer Chemie 3: Biopolymere und biokompatible Polymere



Seminar zum Grundmodul in Makromolekularer Chemie 1 + 2


Seminar begleitend zum Selbststudium (Polymere)