Liya Heidary Fard

Liya Heidary Fard


Liya Heidary studied Biomedical Chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and obtained her graduate degree in 2016 (Diploma). During her diploma thesis she synthesized PolyPlexes from Tri-Block copolypept(o)ides. Her current PhD research is focused on crosslinkable copolypept(o)ides for complexation, transport and endosomal escape of mRNA.


Institut für Organische Chemie
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Duesbergweg 10-14
55128 Mainz  

+49 6131 39 25468

Research topic

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Polypept(o)ide-based mRNA-Vaccines