Jeffrey van der Sluis

Jeffrey van der Sluis


Jeffrey van der Sluis studies Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in 2019. For his Bachelor, he graduated on his research focusing on the effect of liposome size and liposomal formulation on the ability of site-specific drug delivery as a treatment for atherosclerosis, at the Division of BioTherapeutics. Currently he works on his Master thesis where his research is focused on intratumoral immune modulation in malignant melanoma, by synthesizing and characterizing polypept(o)id-based block-copolymers and lipopolymers for the use of polymeric micelle and liposome nanoparticle preparation, respectively.


Research Topic

Intratumoral immune modulation using polypept(o)ide-based micelles and liposomes as nanocarriers